Hello World!

This is my first post, as i start my mission to collect the bits and pieces of my life! Theres so much amazing things in life that people seize to notice, whether if its a nice piece of music playing in the bookstore or just changing the channel to this movie you’ve been wanting to watch in forever (and it just began playing!!). There really isn’t a theme to this blog incase you were wondering, i never stick to a theme anyways. This blog will consist anything random from deep thoughts on our generation (typical!) to a rant about how my mom threw away my 11 year old monkey. I am 18 and struggling to finish highschool since i am so ready to be done  with it (2 weeks!! EKK) and moving to seattle this fall for university. welcome to this blog of randomness, i’d love to know who will read this blog, i’d love to meet you! 🙂

now i have to rush downstairs to meet my friend as we are 2 hours late to our history review session. hehe