8 Strangely Adorable Things Guys Do

goodnesssssssss 😀

Thought Catalog

1. Sometimes, they zone out while staring at you so that they don’t quite realize that they’re doing it. It is indescribably endearing when they notice that you’ve caught them like this — slack-jawed, eyes glazed — and they quickly look elsewhere, just the teeniest bit flustered.

2. In the morning, when they haven’t quite woken up, they might groggily reach out and pull you towards them. Or kiss your hair. Or rub your shoulders. Or keep your feet warm with their fleshy, slightly sweaty toes. What most guys don’t realize is that learning how to execute a proper morning cuddle is key to making most people fall deeply for them. Cuddle frustration is a #real struggle.

3. It is 2014, and brunch is hot. What’s even hotter is when your dude-friend, gentleman caller, bed yoga partner, etc. has strong opinions about brunch. This means he knows where you can get…

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