i cant come up with a title for this

you are a thousand feelings, and i cant even fathom the reason why you matter so much to me. You are the only regret i’ll ever have but with that in mind, still having no courage to correct. I’ve been urged thousands of times to come clean about my feelings but I just can’t, you’re a barrier i cant break through. We dont even really know each other, we have almost no history, I feel insignificant around you, i feel so small around you. You always pin point things about me that drag out my biggest insecurities, and yet my heart keeps coming back to you. I feel stuck in a maze, I fell for you so hard i cant seem to find a way out of the well. I feel hollow to the pits of my stomach when I know that you’ll never find out about how i feel, that your feelings for me will never hit even a thousandth of the feelings i have for you. I want to forget you so badly, because you make my heart crazy, you make it ache. I am so unhappy. The happiness you brought to me was like a dose of something i can never experience ever again, and it makes me so unhappy. You are so unreachable, i wish i never knew you existed. You are worse than a heart break. 


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