Live in the present

I feel like I am constantly preparing for the future, I plan out a map of things i must do to achieve that future goal and i put all my focus on the future. And if something doesn’t go as planned I’ll make an excuse to myself that it’ll be better in the future. Basically I put all the pressure on  my future and fail to deal with it in the present. If i want to do something, but fear to do it, i’ll just tell myself ” you’re not ready for this, you’re not prepared.” And simply blow it off to the future. But admist of all this, i feel like I am missing out and letting opportunities slip by. It took me a few movies and books to further realize that there isn’t a ‘time’ to be ready, you’re always ready or never ready at all. If you want to do something, you should just go do it. Now putting it all into perspective, I am still lacking the courage to pursue what I want. Even though I have it all figured out in my head that failure is not nearly as bad as regret, and that failure can be blown off with time but regret just worsens with the time passing. But I cant over come this barrier of being judged by what others think. I know this is something I emphasized over and over again with myself that living out of your comfort zone is to overlook other’s opinions. I hope in the near future I can learn to embrace my confidence.


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