Finding the balance

It has always been hard to find the balance between living in the comfort zone and not living in the comfort zone. I feel like living out of my comfort zone has brought me opportunities and experiences I wouldn’t never had if i didn’t attempt to stay away from my comfort zone. But at the same time, I am constantly exhausted and anxious and well.. not exactly comfortable. So where exactly does this balance assemble? Is there a point when I no  longer have to insist on staying outside of my comfort zone and live happily, safely inside my safe harbor? Look, here i am ranting again. Hahha. There is so much to appreciate from the past few months and the coming days of where I lived and will continue to live outside my comfort zone. Even at times when its gets a tad unbearable I will still remember the extraordinary experiences I’ve gained through it. And in the end, atleast from what I can see and feel- its worth it 100 percent!

On a lighter note. I am setting a goal to devour my accounting text book with my brain. Even though its not exactly my favourite subject, but its a challenge and I love challenges. I can see myself floating on cloud 9 when I get a 3.5 on accounting. (yeah sorry thats as high as the bar i am setting will go for this subject lol) Someone once told me, to accomplish something, you need to really believe you can do it, you can to go as far as to in-vision your self already at success. Same goes for New York. I in-vision myself living there one day. Ohyes i do. Okay this post is spiraling out of context. Now i shall go put on HIMYM and make peace with my accounting textbook. Au revoir ~ 


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