It took me a long time to come to peace with embracing whats in front of me. I use to draw out expectations on everything, I see the lives of others and try to mirror them into mine. But i’ve come to realize that this will only cause disappointment. Everyone’s life is suppose to blossom into an adventure of their own, no one’s experience should be the same. How boring would that be? I use to glare at people who tell me to not have expectations, I felt that they were trying to tell me that what the future holds would not be nearly as exciting as I expect it to be, i felt like they were extinguishing my excitement. But after my own revelations i have come to realize that having expectations is the worst thing ever, and I would give others the same advice. But in hope of them realizing that I mean not to extinguish their expectations. When you think carefully, having expectations is drawing out a route with inspiration of others in what you want your results to be. But where the element of adventure and surprise? And even when the results do turn out to be exactly the same as you expected, how exciting could that get? Its only everything you expected right? Aren’t the best nights the ones that are spontaneous and unplanned? Aren’t the best people in your life then ones you did not plan to meet? Aren’t the best encounters the ones unexpected? Expectations can often results in disappointment, but keeping an open and clear mind to the future makes everything you encounter an adventure and surprise. So embrace the unexpected! So don’t be disappointed when your life does not turn out the same as something you expected! Embrace the life that throws adventure your way, live up a life different of others and make it your own, special! Realizing this has made all the difference in my life and the way i perceive things! 🙂


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