40 People Give Their Golden Rule Of Life

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1. StickleyMan

Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.

2. parvicus

Don’t get arrested in a foreign country.

3. clickityClack27

If you do not like a situation, leave.
So many people I know live in misery because they are too afraid to leave a bad situation (bad job, bad relationship, whatever). It’s scary of course and it can be hard, I’m not saying it’s easy, but it can be done. And most of the time you will be better for it.

4. SuperDBJ

Have more than you show, speak less than you know

5. ozwozzle

Don’t make a decision when you’re mad, don’t make a promise when you’re happy

6. Danulas

Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

7. mc2157

The one rule of driving that never, ever is wrong:
When you’re driving, everybody else on the road is…

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The Person You Think About Before You Fall Asleep

I’ve always believed that the first and last thought in your mind is what is what/who matters to you the most. And without out a doubt any person is incredibly lucky to occupy that spot. 🙂

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I suppose we don’t always think of one specific person. Sometimes it’s things, just, completely random stuff. I’ve gone through random phases where my pre-sleep thoughts include fresh baked cookies, paranormal stuff, what Rashida Jones is doing right that second, what to eat tomorrow, if I should put my dangling foot back on the bed before a monster grabs it and drags me straight to hell – you know, things of that nature. Anyway, I’ll get back on track.

A person must mean a great deal to you if they’ve managed to become the focal point of your thoughts as you lay down to call it a night. That’s a primetime position. In bed, we take those final moments before sleep to reflect on the day and, if we’re lucky enough not to be stressed, we think about important people. The individual who occupies that slot is up for grabs…

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Live in the present

I feel like I am constantly preparing for the future, I plan out a map of things i must do to achieve that future goal and i put all my focus on the future. And if something doesn’t go as planned I’ll make an excuse to myself that it’ll be better in the future. Basically I put all the pressure on  my future and fail to deal with it in the present. If i want to do something, but fear to do it, i’ll just tell myself ” you’re not ready for this, you’re not prepared.” And simply blow it off to the future. But admist of all this, i feel like I am missing out and letting opportunities slip by. It took me a few movies and books to further realize that there isn’t a ‘time’ to be ready, you’re always ready or never ready at all. If you want to do something, you should just go do it. Now putting it all into perspective, I am still lacking the courage to pursue what I want. Even though I have it all figured out in my head that failure is not nearly as bad as regret, and that failure can be blown off with time but regret just worsens with the time passing. But I cant over come this barrier of being judged by what others think. I know this is something I emphasized over and over again with myself that living out of your comfort zone is to overlook other’s opinions. I hope in the near future I can learn to embrace my confidence.

11 Little Things We Should Pay More Attention To

Pay more attention!

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“Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.” — Jose Ortega y Gasset

1. The First Snowfall

The first snowfall symbolizes the passing of time and the beauty that can be found even when the day is cold and dark. A perfectly symmetrical snowflake, a comfy scarf, the loveliness of a world covered in white are all things we should reflect upon, savor, and smile happily upon, like a child, eyes alight, on Christmas morning.

2. Uncommon Kindness

It really doesn’t take all that much to make someone’s day. Sitting on the subway this afternoon, a rather old businessman got on at 51st Street and pointed to my copy of Lolita. “You like the classics?” “Yes,” I smiled, looking up from my book. “Have you read any of his other stuff?” “I haven’t, actually. What do you recommend?” “Here,” he said, handing me…

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23 Priceless Habits That Will Make You Your Greatest Self

This is new years resolution worthy! I can say with confidence that I’ve definitely ticked off a few already in here, but theres still alot more to work on! I’ll try harder!

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1. Love yourself. If you can’t, how can someone else? You can’t truly love someone until you don’t need them in your life… No one is going to fix your problems or make you a better person but you, so love yourself and the rest will fall into place eventually.

2. Workout EVERY DAY. Embrace the pain. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger & on top of the physical benefits, exercise has enumerable mental benefits. Excuses are merely a product of laziness, not a lack of capability.

3. Eat healthy — you can only feel as good as the food you eat and you will not be happy if you are old and get fat or have high cholesterol. Seriously, it’s not that hard to eat a salad instead of a burger.

4. You are capable of anything you set your mind to. If you want to do something…

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50 Ways To Love Someone

If only i had the courage to love you

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1. Accept them for who they are right now.

2. Be nonjudgmental.

3. Do something to help them see their own potential.

4. Be selfless.

5. Make their happiness your own.

6. Write them a letter and tell them how much you care.

7. Be where they go to when their soul needs soothing.

8. Cook them a meal.

9. Show any little act of kindness, really.

10. Listen to them.

11. Forgive them.

12. Cry with them.

13. Visit their family.

14. Go for a long car ride and get to the point where you don’t have to fill up every second with conversation.

15. Never stop reminding them how you feel.

16. Believe in them.

17. Make their dreams your own.

18. Always be honest about how you’re feeling.

19. Be loyal to them.

20. If ever you’re not able to do that, be honest about it.


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