A gift from a friend who is so good with words

Once upon a time, I met a friend who shared alot of the same passions and mirrored images of dreams I could not put into words. He was great with words. So I requested him to write about me, not even knowing what I could ask him to write about, he managed to blow my mind. Incorporating my passion, my city and my personality. Thanks Cjay! You’re the best, i’ll be treasuring this one for a loooong time.  

“Hundreds of people walking in all directions and he’s lost in awe. Where are they all going? Every single person with a calculated objective in mind – to the bookstore, to the subway, to the nearest stall for food. He stands in the middle of a square, an empty space where people, people and people converge from all four sides and amass momentarily, before flooding out of the intersection. They all glide past him taking little notice to the anonymous figure, just another person in a billion persons world. 

In coffee shops tucked in the corners of buildings that all look alike, with warm atmospheres and perky waitresses that smile and serve. She’s sitting with a book, or waiting for a friend. An afternoon of coffee, conversations and catching up.

It’s blurry. He leans next to the subway doors as the train snakes underground. The black darkness that streaks past suddenly turns white with the sudden intrusion of daylight, unraveling a changing atmosphere as the train bullets through. For the next half hour, it’s a spectacle of moving pictures, people in cars, parks, buildings, glimpses into shophouses where people spend their whole days, glimpses into open apartment doors where unsuspecting eyes like his glance in and imagine what it would be like if that were his life. The cars, the winding streets and the greenery of the trees. She’s on a bike, in her car – carefully driving, riding. Simple gestures that one could appreciate.

I see her walking in parks and in forest trails with a camera in hand and admiring the way the trees that line the roads interweave overhead, creating a tunnel of green and of protruding sunlight. And the cool mountain breeze blows past. She drinks tea in the comfort of a small restaurant with a view, the warmth tickling her skin. 

The glass panels that line this building reflect the pristine blue sky, unlike anything he’s every seen before. No clouds, no fog. He looks up and up, and he imagines what it would be like to be in this exact same spot on new year’s eve, where thousands are on the streets, waiting for the fireworks with friends and family. The whole sky lights up with the boom of the new year and she laughs and watches in awe as the crackles and colors take over.

People walking in all directions and it’s so much to take in. He stands there for a few seconds and realizes that her spirit embodies this whole city. She is everywhere, the girl in the corner of the coffee shop, or riding on the subway wearing earphones and a hoodie, enjoying the simple pleasures of life – the sky and the trees and the rainy days by a glass window, reading. And for a moment in that square, she’s laughing with her friends on a night out along crazy, crowded streets.”


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