A Letter To My Future Husband

so heart felt, so touching, so sweeet ~

Thought Catalog

When the clock strikes twelve, after everyone has counted down from ten, in that awkward moment when I have no one to kiss, I think of you. I haven’t met you yet.

Right now you might be in a relationship. That’s fine. I haven’t met you yet. Since you’re my husband, I’m assuming you two will break up at some point. I’m sorry. I hope that if she breaks your heart, you get all your questions answered. If you’re the dumper, I hope you do the same for her. I hope she doesn’t break you down completely, leave you with scars and—the worst part—questions that linger and drift in your mind and cause rifts in the parts that should be healthy and clean . I would like you whole, if I can. But I love you, after all, so I’ll take you any way I can.

Maybe you’re not in a…

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