The “Chosen Ones” Choose Themselves

Bet on yourself.

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In 1994, a young woman asked for an order of restraint against her husband and filed for divorce. With no job and little money to live on, she signed up for welfare benefits so that she could afford to care for her baby daughter.

The woman’s mother had died a few years prior. She had a rocky relationship with her father and they hadn’t spoken in years. And now, as a single parent with a failed marriage and without a job, she was battling depression and on the verge of suicide.

Years later, she would refer to herself as “the biggest failure I knew.”

However, during the five years that followed her divorce, this woman would battle through fear and depression and go from living on welfare to becoming a multi-millionaire. And she was just getting started.

The woman’s name was Joanne, but the world would come to know her…

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16 Hacks To Improve Your College Experience

words of wisdom!

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College is meant to be one of the best times of our lives. It’s a transition period that imbues essential life lessons upon most of us — like how to successfully move away from adolescence or, more importantly, how to shotgun a beer.

Though this is probably the only time in our lives when we can justify blacking out several times a week (not that I’m necessarily advocating that…), it’s good to remember that there is more to college than sheer debauchery. This is a venue that enables self-expression and self-discovery; this is a time that you can to learn about yourself before you are stuck with all of the responsibilities of true adulthood. Maximize the opportunities you have here.

So, take a look at this list of 16 college hacks and use them to help make the most of your time at school because time passes too quickly and before…

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Living outside of my comfort zone

One of my biggest resolutions this summer was to try and live outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been inspired by many of those around me to do the things that I fear the most, because it feels like a breakthrough every time. But the real moment that struck me to live outside of my comfort zone was when my friend presented me with a quote after i told her about big dreams and bigger insecurities. 

” Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Following that day, i kept stumbling upon quotes like ” You only get in life what you have the courage to ask for”- Oprah Winfrey. And it really took a profound influence in the way I decided to tackle life and the rest of my journey. One of my biggest challenge was to look beyond other people’s opinions. I would go as far as to dismiss my own judgment and taste to satisfy other’s taste buds, just so i can receive a nod of acceptance.

But upon various readings from different blogs and quotes, I’ve learned that, Happiness is not only a choice, but it also comes from within us. Here’s an inspirational quote that taught me this.

” Something wonderful begins to happen with the simple realization that life, like an automobile, is driven from the inside out, not the other way around. As you focus more in becoming more peaceful with where you are, rather than focusing on where you would rather be. You begin to find peace right now- in the present. Then as you move around, try new things, and meet new people, you carry the sense of inner peace with you. Its absolutely true that wherever you go , there you are”  – Richard Carlson

Its important to know that real happiness, the kind of happiness that lasts, is the one that comes from within. Because its the kind of happiness that feeds from understanding and peacefulness within yourself, not a dependent variable from the outside of which you have no control over. Too often, people feed their happiness off other’s compliments. And maybe, for the rush of the moment, you’ll feel good. But it doesn’t last. Sure, smile and light up when you receive compliment, but dont let it define you. When I realized this, it marked the moment that I overcame my own biggest barrier. 

 Im not saying that right now this moment, I am living straight out of my comfort zone. I still get shy about meeting new people, i still fear the rejection of an unreturned affection, i still cringe at the risk of failure. But knowingly, I start to present my best smile when I meet new people, I pat of the dust of rejection or failure and continue with my life knowing that its only part of living to experience these. And I am pretty happy where I am! 

A Letter To My Future Husband

so heart felt, so touching, so sweeet ~

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When the clock strikes twelve, after everyone has counted down from ten, in that awkward moment when I have no one to kiss, I think of you. I haven’t met you yet.

Right now you might be in a relationship. That’s fine. I haven’t met you yet. Since you’re my husband, I’m assuming you two will break up at some point. I’m sorry. I hope that if she breaks your heart, you get all your questions answered. If you’re the dumper, I hope you do the same for her. I hope she doesn’t break you down completely, leave you with scars and—the worst part—questions that linger and drift in your mind and cause rifts in the parts that should be healthy and clean . I would like you whole, if I can. But I love you, after all, so I’ll take you any way I can.

Maybe you’re not in a…

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