The First Time You Saw Me

And that my friend, is love. When all the bullshit crumbles away, all is left is that feeling that differentiated them from everyone else. You can say you love them because they ticked all the right boxes in your list of high standards, but not everyone who ticks the right boxes make you feel the way they do. Therefore, this feeling is what matters. And everything else? Utter bullshit. Let it sink in…

Thought Catalog

I wasn’t prepared for the first time you saw me.

My breath caught in my throat when I looked up at you from the couch and you were standing just slightly to the right of me – your eyes widened with an appreciation, admiration, with such a curiosity that I’d never seen before, but they held me there softly, tenderly.

I realized then how vulnerable of a position we were putting ourselves in. Instead of fleeing, I wanted to freeze that moment, to drown within it. I longed to forever be lost in that gaze that you held me in. If my face reflected anything back to you in that moment, it probably read as hunger for more, but not of your body – of whatever it was inside of you that was causing you to look at me that way. I didn’t blink, didn’t move to breathe because I…

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