Happiness is a choice

This is definitely an idea that i’ve come back to again and again, our own happiness happens within our decisions. And im sure as you guys have seen i’ve been repeating this quote almost just too many times. But infact these past few days have been a proof of what i meant. WE choose what we want to feel, we chose how we want to see things. A few days ago i realized my sister and my mom were leaving within just a wrinkle of time and i went down to panic mode. All i could think of was the fear of being thrown all alone in this foreign country oceans away from family. Did i really choose this? but the answer was yes indeed i chose this, but at the time i completely couldn’t recall why i would do this to myself. The whole idea of this fear happens just when you are caught up in the moment, but do not let this moment define how you are going to walk your journey. The real me was the one who decided to go to Seattle and further her education, the real me was the one took  this goal to heart and worked her ass off to achieve it, and i wouldn’t let this moment of fear define me. So i chose to go back to the me that dreamed of being here in Seattle and i looked into her heart and saw that despite having to be oceans away from her loved ones she held it down and decided to stay in Seattle and broaden her horizons. And gradually i reached my own happiness. 🙂


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