A place is only as beautiful as the people

This is one idea that i never cease to conclude with. Upon the arrival in Brunei three years ago, i wasn’t impressed by any bit of it. From the absent looking airport to the sweating weather, i disliked every ounce of it. I looked at my new life  back then with horror and avoidance, it was almost as if i developed a discrimination towards my new journey. But nobody knew that at the end of this journey i almost couldn’t bare to leave this land i once found miserable. The key to this was the wonderful people i met through the journey, i made friendships that would last a life time, i saw things that would print deeply into my mind and had experiences that would stick to me for lifetimes. At the last day of my stay in brunei, i found myself absorbing in the every scent of every place, feeling the moments of a humid morning and shivering to the overly powerful air-con, soaking in the morning sun just because this experience was exclusively made for southeast asian weather. Everything i hated initially became something i treasured deeply, all the kind faces and the friendly nods become snapshots of memory i place close to my heart, and as cheesy and everything sounds its all very true to my heart. 


And now upon the arrival of my much anticipated Seattle dream, the beauty began to fade into impressions of the people i met. Despite the beautiful scenery and weather, everything crumbles down into what people are like here. And despite knowing how wonderful this journey will end up to be, i feel something missing… my pocket full of people i love that i wish i could bring everywhere with me. 

At the same time i know that it is these moments that teaches me to appreciate. I have such a wonderful life, i surround myself with such wonderful people, theres honestly nothing more i can ask for 🙂


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