Reflecting this journey

Today has been a day that i’ve dreamed of so many times, and to have the opportunity to live this dream is more than a luxury. Yes readers, today i’ve finally arrived in the emerald city Seattle! To live here for the next four years of my life and attend the University of Washington was a goal i set for myself two years ago, every time i felt crushed or hopeless, i turn to this dream and it engines my thrive to get back up and keep fighting.

During the last two years of my highschool period, i struggled with bad teachers and disorganized curriculum and systems, i faced the challenge of changing schools and environment. Without a doubt it sucked, but at every low point of my life i looked at my dream, and how these challenged added value and meaning to achieving this dream, i began to see these challenges as a stepping stone for my own personal growth. Along the way i experienced things i never expected but i was also built to be a stronger and independent person that i never expected myself to become. 

Sometimes life throws a bunch of challenges at you that comes off as meaningless and unfair at first, but the value of these challenges are within your decision. An important lesson i learned is that happiness is a choice, your personality decides your destiny more than anything. People often reject the idea that destiny is within your own control and your own hands, but that is due to a wrong perspective that people chose , everything is a matter of decision and perspectives, there are pros and cons to everything, and its YOUR choice which side of the argument you want to magnify and THAT determines your happiness and destiny.

Living with this idea has made me a much happier person. And with prior to any happiness is a dream, without dreams we are just human robots. My dream is what brought me to where i am today, and upon achieving one of the biggest dream i’ve ever dreamt of  i am on a journey to dream a new one! Theres only ever one rule in this idea, that is never be afraid to dream BIG! So what you are you dreaming of today?


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