Pressure creeping back

Like i expected it’d be, my summer before college was a  bliss and way too long for my own good, in some sense i guess my summer began on the 23rd of march when i got my college acceptance. I dont even know how i am going to snap back into the nerd mode. 

After re-examining my freshmen courses i realized i’d have to take accounting…how sweet a subject that is… Its a common misconception for seniors that once they get their acceptance letters to their dream university, everything will fall into sleep and everything will be an easy piece of cake afterwards….

 yeah, hell to the no.

i mean, sure with college comes a load of freedom, but in some sense the transition is crazy and theres an amount of independence and self discipline required . no more spoon feeding or any sorts of that. I dont know about you, but in my opinion it sure makes the whole freedom thing a high price to pay. In all honesty, that acceptance letter is your golden ticket to a world that will be full of even more pressure and stress and anything you’ve ever experienced before (nothing ever gets easier, trust me) and if you keep a hold of yourself you might just loose yourself in the mess. But dont despair, like every other situation in life, theres always going to be pros and cons about everything. 

Pressure is actually an essential aspect to our lives, with pressure we thrive for better. The thirst for knowledge is built within our systems, its an human instinct ! Its those artificial things that are created in our modern world in attempt to make our lives ‘easier’ that actually make us lazy creatures and inhibits our thrive and thirst. 


so lets put this pressure into good use, its always a choice isn’t it? Turn the pressure into a engine to thrive for the best! good luck m lovelies 🙂



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