Best friends?

Today i went on a much anticipated trip with my best friend vivian to the cinema, and after a whole day of movie, cheap food , rain and alot of walking i came to a conclusion as to what a best friend is to me.
I love the feeling of never running out of topics to talk about, when you dont even need to think about what to say next, it just comes flowing out of your mouth like running water. You could be doing the simplest things like eating fried chicken on the stairway out in the streets! (which is exactly what we did today…along with two cups of fruit tea) To be honest, the difference between a lover and a best friend is basically that romance touch. Dont you think?

Today in general was just too awesome! Here have a look at my outfit of the day! (excuse my totaly random transition)

and this beautiful piece of wrapping paper that i plan to decorate my dorm with !


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