I think my biggest problem is i think to much, although some of my close friends may say the opposite and i admit its partially my fault they think that way as i often think in the wrong direction. BUT ANYWAYS!
You know those half an hour before you fall asleep nights? Well my half an hour can keep me up for 2-3 hours instead! And the more i think the more awake i become (sometimes i wish this would apply to my education aswell..) Its like the meme that says “Brain can u shut up and let me sleep?”.

Well i think alot, and they are all so very random. This isn’t going to be a post about anything, infact im staying up at 1:55 am on this quiet night listening to my sister’s snoring. This post is literally just an outlet for my insomnia.

1. I am thinking about what haircut to get, any of my friend would’ve realized this has been a problem bugging me since 2 months ago! (no kidding) I am not kidding when i say hair is my second life, i think its an expression of who i am. Bangs? or no bangs? it really makes a difference. Most of all, my hair right now has taken me exactly two years to grow, like any sensitive young woman would be, we have established a good relationship between my hair and i! Cutting it off seems like a very selfish move towards my hair!

2. What will my hair look after i dye it pink! Yes ladies and gentlemen, this naive little 18 year old (not so little actually…legal in fact) is dying her hair PINK! you only live once right (yolo..haha) ? Its not like i can dye my hair pink when i intern for a job right? soo nows the right time anyways. But i feel a bit like a wanna be hipster? and thats a bit yucky…ohwell

3. How the hell am i going to wake up at 9 tomorrow considering that i only have 7 hours left to sleep and my usual routine like more like 12 hours of sleep a day..

4. How am i going to spend my last 2020 NT dollars for my last 7 days of taiwan? Theres absolutely just too many things i want to buy

5. Hey! my thinking bubbles are reducing! I think this is a great exercise to do when you are having trouble falling asleep! now i dont even know what to think about since its all down!

6. PS: oh i forgot to think about College, probably the biggest highlight in my life right now! I want to get cute bedding for my dorm..hmph OH and i am exteremly worried whether my roommate will like me.

Okay thats about it on this contemplation post. Dear readers (to whomever you may be) , thank you for sparing your time to listen to this meaningless yet intriguing post! I shall talk to you guys soon!

PS: wow i forgot to mention, tomorrow i will be watching the fierce wife move version AGAIN with my friend vivian! Have YOU gotten your movie tickets yet? hehe


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