The Fierce Wife review

Well as any average Taiwanese will know, The Fierce Wife is probably one of the most discussed TV show that has been successfully turned into a movie. 

I guess at first i really didn’t have faith in this show, all the other shows had an idiot touch to it and seemed really shallow. My past experiences are that taiwanese tv shows like to revolve around the typical romance between two really opposite minded people, a rich ass dude that is cold and has a bunch of first world problems like not having motherly love or something and a poor girl who appreciates everything life has to throw at her, you get the gist right? But this was completely different, although my sister still thinks the story line to The Fierce Wife is typical. I love how the theme of the show focused more on the struggle of holding on a marriage due to responsibility or following your heart and passion ? It makes me question whether being inlove is a luxury, whether leaving someone who cheated on you is an absentminded dumb folded and childish move? There so much more to a marriage then people think of.

So if you ask me if i recommend watching The Fierce Wife, i say hell to the yah!! Not only should you follow the tv show you should also invest in the movie version aswell! For me personally, the whole movie experience made me feel as if i was falling inlove all over again, the butterfly sensations came running back to me like a rush! 



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